Another One Bite’s the Dust…………


Low-maintenance horse, Mondavi, Before and After the adoption

Isn’t he looking better since he was adopted last year?

He must be lonely, though, needing no care except for an occasional few minutes when the owner stops by.

Are his days ‘numbered’, though, since I was told she is shopping for new horses?

Mondavi status
Photos of  BEFORE ( with previous owner) and AFTER (Dec2018 with current owner

Is this unwanted backyard horse in danger if he roams onto Route 309?

…or is a horse smart enough to avoid getting hit by a vehicle on a busy Interstate?

This neglected horse keeps escaping his pasture to roam the neighborhood looking for attention and fresh food. (Guess he doesn’t like his pile of hay that has been sitting in the rain for weeks)

Mondavi/Dobbie wandering alone since last night where he has no shelter from this rain – and who knows when the owner will visit again



“I know who you are, and i know where you live” — Was this message meant to SCARE me??

Or is / just trying to impress me with their “research” skills?

I am not afraid to speak, and if more than ONE grazing animal appears on that property, papers will be served.  (sorry, no pig farm either)

This message sent to me gave me a chuckle, especially with their gripe about tires along Dairy Rd from Dan Romig’s Auto Repair (who is trying to protect his property) – – yet an overgrazed property strewn with tires, trash, garbage, and dead cats is perfectly normal to them:

“I would like to know, why do you only seem to bother these people? There is so much more that goes on in this township that should be addressed. Is it because they are you neighbors? I know who you are, and i know where you live. I’ve done my research to know, who i would be talking to. I can tell you, that if it was my daughter, i would of had some choice words to tell you. How about you complain about the property our township supervisor bought on kepners road and is filling it with shale. How about the tires laying next to dairy road that you drive by everyday. How about Mark Boyle Welding and Sandblasting on 443, before ag industrial. This property has how many businesses being run their under the supervisors noses. It looks like a tractor trailer junkyard. They paint tractor trailers, and trailers there and don’t have a spray booth. Very safe for the environment. Look at the Shriners property by the township building, that looks like a garbage pit, But you worry bout your neighbors and no one else. Maybe you should drive around the township and file a complaint about other things that are not in code. “

Then … when I didn’t react immediately, there was a second rant with:


Well, I am not afraid of capital letters … perhaps some psychological therapy would help in coping with that temper before it gets Hertzog-like, and people or animals get hurt.

As for “if it was my daughter” – – – well, if this girl had more than “words” from all those who supposedly cared for her, she would not have had to go back to an abusive boyfriend after getting pregnant. Where were all these concerned people when she was pouring her heart out to friends last summer about being physically abused and having nowhere to go?  (he better pray that this baby stays safe, as I have some interesting documentation re his temper)

I have every right to complain about code violations that I have to live near. I have seen plenty of violations around this area (Valley, Summer Valley, Golf, Pine Hill, Mahoning Mountain, Friedens -just to name a few) but as long as they do not affect my family or my property, that is not my problem.

Does this westpenner/racingj really think that by complaining to me that I will take care of these other township gripes that clearly bother them –not me?? Some people are just too cowardly to put their own name to an official township complaint.



Do these pathetic kids really think that they “won” in court?

The Judge gave Hertzog a deadline to downsize Oswald’s ‘farm’ on his property to ONE grazing animal.

Also, in the future, they are to have no more than ONE (1) horse or ANY OTHER grazing animal on that property.

It is far from being ‘over’ and that property will constantly be closely monitored in a multitude of ways (so no animals can be ‘hidden’) … but at least Schuylkill County may get much richer with those “fines of $500 per day” that Hertzog may be donating!