So, Papa has a brand new bag?

So, after I took my friend ex-friend dinner last week, buth then his dealer (who is married) found out and increased his visits to the kid – and they have become a lovely, inseparable couple ever since .. this poor kid is desperate for love (I had to constantly remind him that I only care for him as I would a son).

I tried for 2 years, but this kid is now under the control of  his dealer and I am DONE shielding him! I did not appreciate Dan’s threat that if I say anything, he will be out in 30 days, and come back to ‘wonder’ about me – but he didn’t have the balls to tell me what he would do to me.   (Not having the balls is a figure of speech only — I KNOW he has balls, I’ve seen them when he pees facing my window!)  Then he tells me a story about Les chopping down people in tree stands with his chainsaw.  That did not impress or scare me.

What a relief it is to finally be able to speak up and maybe get that property cleaned up -maybe the PA Dept of Environmental Protection has some ideas.    I have spent over $5K since he moved in just on rodent control and another few thousand for supplies for him. I can finally try to get the constant blaring of music (usually with the same song) at all hours stopped.  Perhaps the videos I share will get him to stop peeing and crapping on the ground. Maybe someone can get him to stop burying hazardous materials in his yard.

I have plenty of videos that prove the things I write, but cannot post them here – I will however show them to any government agency if asked – on one video I reminded him that my property is recorded and the security cameras are always running. I will share, however, this snapshot (with his identity hidden) to show how he pees in public view.  –This is not far from the property line.  The actual video shows the long stream of urine running inside his right leg.

Peeing in public view


Selling Drugs to a Mentally Disturbed Alcoholic Should Be Illegal

Since this new ‘friendship’ with his beer-delivering and drug-selling neighbor, this kid has become reclusive and has to order his food and cases of bourbon online. His behavior has changed, he is becoming more unstable.  

As if he didn’t have enough problems with his mental illnesses, his new ‘mentor’ is trying to get him into trouble by ‘advising’ him to do whatever makes him happy regardless of any laws or what advice I give him. 

This so-called friend of his has an ulterior motive for ‘helping’ him and will not be there for this kid when he snaps again.  It is sad that he has no family to help but I am afraid I can’t help him any more.  

–quoted from
“Substance abuse complicates almost every aspect of care for the person with mental illness. First of all, of course, these individuals are very difficult to engage in treatment. Diagnosis is difficult because it takes time to unravel the interacting effects of substance abuse and the mental illness. They may have difficulty being accommodated at home and may not be tolerated in community residences of rehabilitation programs. They lose their support systems and suffer frequent relapses and hospitalizations.

Violence is more prevalent among the dually diagnosed population. Both domestic violence and suicide attempts are more common, and of the mentally ill who wind up in jails and prisons, there is a high percentage of drug abusers. Given severe consequences of drug abuse for the mentally ill, it is reasonable to ask: “Why do they do it?” Some of them may begin to use drugs or alcohol for recreational use, the same as many other people do. Various factors may account for their continued use. Probably many people continue their use as a misguided attempt to treat symptoms of the illness or the side effects of their medications. They find that they can reduce the level of anxiety or depression — at least for the short term. Some professionals speculate that there may be some underlying vulnerability of the individual that precipitates both mental illness and substance abuse. They believe that these individuals may be at risk with even mild drug use. “

The moldy, rodent-infested house next door

The 42-year-old kid lives in his car because the mold and rodents have taken over his trailer.    He has NO water, NO sewer, NO electric service.

Yet, the 71-year-old neighbor ‘helps’ him by taking his Social Security Disability money for alcohol and drugs.

Just one of the deliveries…think this is the only ICE that gets delivered here?



Don’t have to join West Penn Township Neighborhood Crime Watch, I watch enough crime from my own backyard ..

.. or is selling meth and/or weed not a crime for this ‘respected’ member of our community?

I  know it’s not a crime to supply alcohol to a manic-depressive, schizophrenic, alcoholic – but I think delivering drugs to him is despicable.   Is $100 for a baggie of marijuana really a good deal like this poor kid told me?  

(p.s. This post is NOT about Brittany)



Is this unwanted backyard horse in danger if he roams onto Route 309?

…or is a horse smart enough to avoid getting hit by a vehicle on a busy Interstate?

This neglected horse keeps escaping his pasture to roam the neighborhood looking for attention and fresh food. (Guess he doesn’t like his pile of hay that has been sitting in the rain for weeks)

Mondavi/Dobbie wandering alone since last night where he has no shelter from this rain – and who knows when the owner will visit again